Expression Language (EL) not working for id tag

Wondering why assigning a variable to an id tag does not work, although you can assign the variable to the for or value attribute without any problems? The reason is that expression evaluation on the id attribute is explicitly disallowed (maybe for some security reasons). So you cannot generate dynamic ids using EL as in […]

Seam Authenticator.authenticate if-outcome

Maybe you are wondering why the following navigation rule in your pages.xml does not work, although your authenticate() method returns „true“ for successful login: If you are using Seam’s Identity.login() method… …your authenticate() is called/wrapped by Identity.login(). Thus the return value „true“ is swallowed by Identity.login() which in turn terminates with the outcome „loggedIn“ and […]

Changing rich:separator color using CSS

To change the color of your RichFaces separator… …you likely have tried the following in your CSS: But it did not work, huh? So you tried this: Oh man still not working, right? The reason is that there is already a background-image value defined (maybe with !important declaration in the user style sheet) or your […]