eMule vs BitTorrent

Torrent downloads have a big drawback: short lifetime

That’s why eMule is still in business.  The download may take a while to start and even longer to finish but that is also the reason for the long lifetime of downloads in the eDonkey and KAD network used by eMule. So you’ll find much more stuff via eMule no matter how old it is. Just try eMule’s integrated KAD network search. There is a big chance to find what you are looking for.

Shift + right click -> Open command window here

If you want to open the windows command prompt cmd.exe from your current explorer directory try the following. Hold the shift key and then right click into your explorer window. Now you should have more options in the context menu than usual:

Open Command Window Here

The new option „Open command window here“ is really handy because the current directory in the command prompt will be initialized to the path in your current explorer window. It saves you the hassle of using the cd … command.